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Wallerawang Power Station which opened in 1957 is one of New South Wales most important power stations.  It is coal powered with two steam turbines.
As well as furnishing power for the railways, the Wallerawang Power station has played an important role in the development of the western coalfields of NSW with the coal for the Power station coming from mines in the local area.  Wallerawang Power Station uses a system of cooling towers acquiring the water required from the two created lakes - Lake Wallace (1978) and Lake Lyell.
Since the mid 1980's - 'progress' with automation and computerisation has resulted in significant job losses from both the power station and the local collieries.
Tours of Wallerawang Power Station can be organised by phoning Delta Electricity.
Wallerawang Power StationWallerawang Power StationWallerawang Power Station
The name of Wallerawang is Aboriginal in origin and said to mean 'place near wood and water',  'water on rocks' or 'plenty of water'.
Situated on the western side of the Blue Mountains in the Central Tablelands of NSW, Wallerawang, since 1978, sits on the banks of the constructed Lake Wallace.  The surrounding area is scenic rural but it is also the centre of a coal mining district, with the Wallerawang skyline being rather dominated by the impressive Wallerawang Power Station structure.
Wallerawang is home to around 2,000 people, with the major industry being mining, and a majority of workers being technicians & trades workers at the mines or the Wallerawang and Mt Piper Power Stations.
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Lake Wallace, WallerawangLake Wallace, WallerawangLake Wallace, Wallerawang
The construction of Lake Wallace to supply cooling water to the Power Stations was in 1978.
There are now 3 artificial lakes/dams - Lake Wallace, Lake Lyell and Thompson's Creek Dam. 
Lake Lyell Dam is on the Cox's River about 20 k from the Power Stations. Lake Lyell provides cooling water for BOTH Wallerawang AND Mt Piper Power Stations.  Lake Lyell connects to Lake Wallace by a pipeline then water goes on to both Wallerawang and Mt Piper Power Stations.  Water is also pumped from Lake Lyell to the Thompson's Creek Dam which is close to Mt Piper.
Lake Wallace, Lake Lyell and Thompson's Creek Dam (as well as the Cox's River) are all highly regarded as some of the best fishing spots in the Central Tablelands, Central West NSW.  In particular Fly and Lure Fishing and Fly and Sportsfishing - Australian Bass, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout .
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Sailing at Lake WallaceSailing Regatta - Lake WallaceSailing Regatta - Lake WallaceWallerawang Sailing ClubSailing Regatta - Lake WallaceSailing Lake Wallace
Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaks but NO power boats are allowed on Lake Wallace.
There is an amenities block, playground, Picnic and BBQs, Public boat ramp.
Each Sunday there is regular sailing on the Lake.  The Wallerawang Sailing Club encourages people of all ages to sail by offering free "sailing experiences" to anyone who comes to Lake Wallace (off the Great Western Highway at Wallerawang Power Station) on a Sunday.
The club holds two ten week series of informal races in spring and summer school terms and a regatta on the second weekend of November. The VSC handicap system is used and can handle most catamarans, sailing & racing dinghies and sailboards. The races usually last about 2 hours.
Georgina Barton funded the construction of the St John the Evangelist Church as a memorial to her parents - Thomas Walker and Robina Ramsay Walker .  It was designed by Edmund Blackett  in the Victorian Gothic architectural style and built by George Donald in 1880-81 . This church is one of the last major churches in NSW built entirely by private philanthropy.  In 1952 the Church was formally given to the Presbyterian and Anglican churches.

The Church still contains many of the objects, artifacts and furnishings that were purpose built for this Church.  There are also fine stained glass windows that were erected between 1906 and 1962.
In 2001 the Church was deemed dangerous and unsafe for people in the grounds and it was advertised for sale.
To save this important community asset the Friends of St. John's was formed and Lithgow City Council purchased the building for community use.
With financial assistance from the state government a lengthy restoration process followed.  By May 2006 the Church had been restored and was once again available for services to all faiths.
Regular services are held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.
Old Wallerawang Station
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The railway arrived in Wallerawang in 1870 and the town developed adjacent to the station.  Wallerawang became a major stopover for those travelling between Sydney to Bathurst or Mudgee and beyond.  Prior to the railway line to Bathurst being completed in 1876 - all passengers left the train at Wallerawang and boarded a Cobb & Co coach to travel west to Bathurst of north to Mudgee.
Wallerawang Railway Station is a Victorian era stone building - an excellent example of  the late 19th Century railway stations. The building was in poor repair but in 2009 community public and private sectors worked together to protect this local heritage and restore it to its former glory.
The revival of the Old Station celebrates both Wallerawang's rich history and the incredible talents of its local people.
The Old Wallerawang Railway Station is now a new Arts Centre, Florist, Lollipop Junction and Coffee Shop - a wonderful addition to the range of attractions available to visitors to this beautiful part of NSW.
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