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The Glen Museum ~ Portland ~ The Charlie Pinch Museum
Australian Memorabilia
The Glen Museum,  301 Back Cullen Bullen Road, PORTLAND  NSW  2847Phone  02  6355 5046
Open Mon - Sun  9am - 4pmParking availableDonations accepted

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  • Collectables and Nic' Nacs
  • Industrial, Gardening and Kitchen supplies
  • Electronics
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Equipment from the Portland Hospital
  • The original Portland Band Hall, musical instruments and trophies from Portland.
Items range from a small cup to a large industrial metal lathe.
  • BBQ facilities are available by booking ONLY
  • Two Kangaroos, a deer and peacocks
The Glen or Charlie Pinch Museum is a privately owned collection and museum developed and fostered by the late Charlie Pinch and his partner the late Valerie Risby..
The collection focuses on the history of Portland and is a source of community pride - a well presented collection of the district’s history.
Step back in time at Charlie’s museum and reminisce about the “gold ol’ days”.
The collectables and items in the museum were found by Charlie Pinch or donated and over the years the collection has become sizable. 
Many items have been refurbished by Charlie and his partner and the collection includes -
Entry to The Glen 'Charlie Pinch' Museum, Portland NSW
Presently The Glen is run and maintained by the relatives of Charlie and Valerie and by a committee.

The Glen Museum is a non-profit organisation.
A the end of the tour feel free to sign our guestbook in the phone booth.
There is a donation box next to the guestbook.
All donations go to the care and maintenance of the museum and to care for the animals that live there.

Everyone is WELCOME to visit the museum.
Small groups we prefer for you to book at least one or two days in advance.
Large groups we appreciate you booking four to five days in advance, just so we can make sure that a person or people will be there for you.
Buses are welcome.

The Glen is located just outside Portland, on the way to Cullen Bullen.  The turn onto the lane is just after the Portland Tip.
If you have a GPS device, instead of 301 Cullen Bullen Road you need to enter "91 Collamingal Road, Portland NSW" - GPS devices do not recognise 301 Cullen Bullen Road.
Portland, Wallerawang, Cullen Bullen
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Visitors to Portland can see vintage advertising signs dating from 1895 to 1945 on local shop walls and throughout Portland.