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Fishing & Sailing ~ Portland & Wallerawang, Central Tablelands NSW
Fishing - Thompson's Creek Dam
Central Tablelands, Central West NSW Fishing
Lake Wallace Sailing
Lake Wallace - Sailing
Thompson's Creek Dam
Fishing - Thompson's Creek Dam
and Lake Wallace
Fishing -  Lake Wallace
Central Tablelands
Fishing at Lake Wallace
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Portland and Wallerawang areas.
Portland and Wallerawang areas.
LAKE WALLACE: Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaks - no power boats are allowed. Public boat ramp provided.
Wallerawang Sailing Club -  sailing regularly each Sunday and the club holds two ten week series of informal races in spring and summer school terms and a regatta on the second weekend of November. The VSC handicap system is used and can handle most catamarans, sailing & racing dinghies and sailboards. The races usually last about 2 hours.

The Club encourages people of all ages to sail by offering free "sailing experiences" to anyone who comes to Lake Wallace (off the Great Western Highway at Wallerawang Power Station) on a Sunday.

Playground, Picnic and BBQs
THOMPSON'S CREEK DAM: No boating is permitted on Thompson's Creek Dam.
Lake Wallace is an artificial lake created to provide cooling water for the Wallerawang Power Station in 1978.
It has a surface are of 125 hectares with an average depth of 3.4 metres and a maximum depth of 9 metres. The capacity of Lake Wallace is 4300 mega litres.

Fly and Sportsfishing:
Trout fishing can be pursued all year round.  Australian Bass, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout are stocked in Lake Wallace.

Barbecue (electric) facilities, Childrens' playground and Picnic area with toilets provided.
Canoes and Sail boats but no power boats are allowed on the Lake.

Black swans and white-faced herons are abundant in the area.
Thompsons Creek Dam is an off stream storage being filled with water pumped from Lake Lyell.  It is a recreational area for anglers situated about 5km from the Township of Wallerwang on the way to Portland and it is about 40km from Bathurst.
Thompsons Creek Dam appears to be the most consistent fish producer of all the impoundments in the Central Tablelands area, in recent years.  It has gained a reputation with many anglers for its quality fishing and often extreme weather.

Fly and Lure Fishing:  No bait fishing is permitted.
There is limited access with Artificial fly and lure fishing only from the bank and shore areas. Anglers need to walk from the carpark to access the water so a small day-pack to carry tackle, food and other equipment is a real bonus when visiting.
Thompsons Creek Dam is a ‘trophy water’. That means that it has been given distinct rules over methods of fishing and catch limits by NSW Fisheries.
There is a time restriction allowing fishing only between one hour before sunrise to three hours after sunset.
Bag limit of two fish.

Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout are stocked in Thompson's Creek Dam, with Rainbow Trout being the most common catch.  Brown Trout when caught are usually bigger in size.
NO closed season

NO boats, boating is allowed on Thompson's Creek Dam.
NO camping is permitted at the Dam.
NO facilites are provided at the Dam.
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